Not Without Passion (or Caffeine)

It takes both passion and caffeine to own a small business. It’s different everyday, but some things stay the same; decisions are made, customers are nurtured and goals are met.


If you’re ready to feel confident, relevant and free when making those decisionsyou’re in the right place. We offer social media marketing, multimedia content creation, consulting and plans.

Be Sure


I'm Renee, a certified business analyst, marketing expert, board member for a local non-profit and yoga instructor in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. My passion is for small business. I like to provide  affordable and optimal solutions to everyday issues by working smarter and not harder.

Be You


Growing up, my parents owned a small masonry 

company. They worked tirelessly to provide for

our family - dad in the field and mom on the books.

Without any formal education, their business

thrived, but their phone book ads did not cut it

in a receding economy.


Maybe it was the avenger in me 

(or the wise investor); I earned my 

Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication

(advertising) at Washington State University and

became enamored with making data - informed 

decisions and creating content for small business.

Data is excellent. I’ve worked in sales, marketing, management and customer service for more than a few small businesses. I've also been a DJ on local radio, an executive producer for television and a freelance graphic designer. In all of those roles, I leverage data.


In July, 2017, I received my MBA with an emphasis on data analytics. Since then, I have travelled a bit and worked a lot, but most of my time has been spent enjoying north Idaho. If you ask me why I live here, my answer will be much like coach Leach when asked ‘Why WSU?’. 


Be Inspired


Aside from hiking, fishing and spending

time with my community, I am dedicated

to learning.


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and run your business with purpose.

Renee M Valle

CEO, Founder

B.A. M.B.A., RYT 200hr

Certified Business analyst