Too often, I see small and medium sized businesses ‘driving hard’ without knowing where their ‘ball’ is heading.


Owning a Marketing and Advertising Plan is like playing on a mapped out course with a wise caddy who knows the difficulties of every hole on the course.


Without one, you've snuck on the greens with only a driver.


Have a Plan


With a plan, you know what to expect, what your choices are, how much money it will take and how to up-level the next guy.


Free yourself from uncertainty. Measure the return on on your investment and receive an optimized and data-driven plan.


You need a Marketing /Advertising Plan:


  • To Position your Business for Growth

  • To launch a new product

  • To start a new business

  • To enter a new market


It Includes:


  • Relevant Market Research

  • Business Analysis

  • Target Market Research

  • Creative strategy(ies)

  • Media Mix

  • Measurements


If you make up your mind in the direction you should go, it's bound to happen.


Be resolute on an optimized marketing plan. Invest in your business.