Steer Clear of Chaos


Trade it in for confidence - the faith that your tactics are optimized your customers feels valued. Your message will be heard by your perfect customer, and they will opt in.


Ger Rid of Uncertainty


See a return on investment.


Social Media Marketing Plans are strategic, simple and measured. They build your brand and are easy to use by anyone in your business.


This means you to focus on your passion and know that all administrators are creating perfect content for your business.


Be Free From Disarray


Create a cohesive Social Media Marketing Plan.


SMMP's include:

  • A report on your target audience (demographics, interests, channels they spend their time on, times of the day they are on each channel)


  • A tactical plan for each channel your business utilizes, (including proposed channels, if necessary)


  • A 30-day schedule for each medium which resonates with and offers value to your perfect customer


  • A branded template for every post on every channel proposed in the 30-day schedule

    • Facebook/Linked in Cover Photo

    • Video intro/outro .mp4


  • Step-by-step, one-on-one training to schedule/boost/target and track the success of your social media tactics

  • A template to track your KPI’s